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Haley’s Story [v0.7] Viitgames

How to Download

On this page, we want to tell you how to download the game here.

1. Choose which game you want to download.

2. Read all the descriptions from top to bottom.

3. Focus on this table. Choose the device you want to use and choose which server you want (example: I select Windows and MEGA)

4. Will open a new tab in your browser that goes to Then choose "Double click to visit link" and then "Get Link". 

5. If you redirect to you must click on "skip AD" which is in the upper right corner and If you redirect to, click on "Get Link" or "Lanjutkan". (In, if you doesn't redirect to go to, close the tab on your browser and reopen it)

5. If you don't have an account in MEGA, choose blue arrow like picture below and if you have account at MEGA login first then choose red arrow like picture below.

If you have some questions please ask in comment field.