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Hard Times in Hornstown [v3.51] Unlikely

Hard Times in Hornstown. This is a text-based sandbox time managment game focusing on sexual situations including several fetishes.

The game puts you in the shoes of a boring everyman down on their luck.Your goal is to manage time and money efficiently and to build a life for yourself that you always wanted.

The game has both straight and gay sexual content and several opportunities for the transformation of the player character both physically and mentally.

Most featured fetishes have a voluntary and an involuntary access route
MM content in this game means actual gay content (sex between men), not just the player getting transformed into a woman and then sucking some dicks.
The more extreme transformations are currently contained in Bad Ends
All currently available endings are Bad Ends.

Developer/Publisher: Unlikely | Website
Censorship: No
Platform: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Exhibitionism, Player Customization

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Hornstown.exe” to start playing.

v3.50 & 3.51
- New Keiko date - the concert! 35.000 characters long new content
- Mall hangout deadend fixed
- Tattoo parlor deadend fixed
- Carnival: Marko sex scene deadend fixed
- Quest 2 Ben & Jess storyline map locations fixed
- Sleep deadend at $0 fixed

It brings you two new storylines, both of them relatively slow burners but with lots of sexy opportunities. Keiko is a new NPC who is going to be the main character of a long, complex dating path where you can either end up her - mostly - vanilla boyfriend or you can end up cucked by her aggressive ex-lover.


- 280 000 + characters (56 000 + words) of new content
- 25 new high quality images to go with it
- Introducing Keiko, a new love interest NPC available for some nice vanilla content - or if you do things wrong (or maybe right?) a new cuckolding storyline
- Family is important so you can now have your stepmom and stepsister/stepbrother visit for some less-than-wholesome family fun
- Walkthrough has been updated to cover every part of the game (including how to get to the new content). Look how big it is!

Keiko arrives

- Keiko moves into your neighborhood. She is a sweet, funny girl with an asshole ex
- You meet her on the day she arrives and have a chance to offer your help with settling in
- Build a relationship with her through repeated visits which will eventually lead to interesting dates all over the city
- The dates don't always go smoothly. there is always a chance of that meddlesome Ichiro ruining your fun
- Impress Keiko to finally get her to move on - or botch things up and get cucked by the annoying ex
- This is a long, slow moving storyline which will continue in next month's update
- Vanilla M/F or F/F content with some cuckolding thrown into the mix

Family first (voted in by the community)

- Looks like your stepmom and sibling (gender based on the player's preferred partners) want to visit you for a long weekend they always seemed to have a special interest in you
- Invite them around and have them marvel to all the changes that happened to you
- Show them around the city, visiting places of interest, spending time with either your stepmom or your sibling
- Things always get a bit heated in Hornstown and if you spend enough time together something nasty but fun might happen by the end of their visit
- More than that, there is a transformative option for both your mom and your sibling which can be achieved - if you play your cards right
- Incest, exhibitionism, voyeurism, light D/s, futa and feminization content 

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