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The Last Barbarian [v0.8.3] Viktor Black

“The Last Barbarian” — is a third-person action role-playing game. You are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternate areas to explore. If you are not careful, monsters will be able to rape you and you will have to start from the very beginning.

“The Last Barbarian” takes place in a fantasy N’ul-realm, plunged into darkness and debauchery after the arrival of the ancient Goddess of Flesh. She gives everyone what they want most. But she distorts all desires and so the whole world is plunged into perversion and violence. Everything around is nourished by sexual energy.

The protagonist of the game woke up in the dungeon after the battle with the orcs in her village. She is the last barbarianfrom a tribe of local Amazons. They never submitted to anyone and valued only their freedom and love. But now she is driven by a thirst for revenge and a desire to revive her tribe.

Developer/Publisher: Viktor Black
Censorship: None
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3D Game, Action, Fantasy, Female Protagonist

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.
How to play Mac-version releases?

    After downloading an app, drag it to the Applications folder.
    Select the app and right or control-click.
    Click “Open”.
    Click “Open” again to confirm.
    From now on, you’ll always be able to open it without having to go through this process again.

-I keep working on the content and events for existing locations. At this time, I added some piece of content for Brothel location and Tentacles dimension.
-Brothel sex scenes were reworked and extended. Also, I’ve added 3 glory hole booths, I think it fit perfectly to the brothel location.
-You can find locked “mimic” pantry door, which contains lustful tentacles. They can grab Barbarian and teleport her to the secret room in the Tentacles dimension. Of course they will fuck her at first.
-In the Tentacle dimension you can find 'modified' Torus. You can fuck him and you're able to take place of trapped prostitutes as well.
-I added 2 new hair models. As I said earlier, I’m studying Blender now, cause I want to add more custom content to the game.

New location - The Arena of Arknam.
In my humble opinion, it looks a bit unfinished, but I need a platform to test animations of new combat features.
Also It was the only one unaccessible location that was needed to close the narration gap.

New fighting styles
In the Arena location, Barbarian can fight with bare hands, axes, sword and shield.
I have a plan to add a bow with arrows, two-handed sword and spear. I continue to work on these animations.
At the moment these combat styles don’t affect damage parameter and blocking, cause I was working on the animation controller, so this will be done in future releases.
After testing the combat controller will be updated for the whole game.

New characters
A Doctor - Manual therapist who may heal you with pleasure
Helen - She is an actress, a former slave and member of barbarian tribe.
The Champion - he is the leader of the slave rebellion. He is big, strong and stupid.
A Blacksmith - he will help you to choose weapons before the battle

After passing some plot scenes, tattoos will appear on the barbarian skin. It’s something like achievements.
At the moment they can be added or removed by Helen.
You will be able to disable it btw.

New approach for sex animations.
I think it annoys when you see a simple repeating animation consisting of 30 frames.
I found a new approach that allows me to customize sex animations, make them more live, varied and realistic. The movement of individual parts of the body is changing, as micro facial expression and eye movement. Pay attention to this.
Existing animations will be rebuilt with the same approach.

Talking and character eye tracking
You may have noticed that all conversations with NPCs look like the characters simply stood against each other and do nothing.
In this location when someone talks to Barbarian, he will look at Barbarian and he will move as if they were having a live conversation.
In future I want to add facial expressions animations.

Minor updates and bug fixes:
- The Barbarian model is updated for correct emotion expressions.
-“Wide open mouth” bug is fixed for the “screaming animation”
- The skin shader is updated to display skin details in all scenes.
- Three new costumes added
- Fast travel menu is available for all locations
- Fixed bug with throwing character out of Hell after death.


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