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After his father died leaving his mother, sister and him behind, their father’s death though was suspicious and police investigated it. He also left the family a huge debt to some shady people. So now he has to look after them both plus find the people that caused his father’s death, save for college and find a girl for prom.​

Developer: Kompas Productions – PatreonWebsiteWiki
Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 2DCG, Animated, Dating Simulator, Exhibitionism, Incest, Male Protagonist, MILF, Voyeurism

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a missing screen in the mall toilets.
  • Fixed Logger writing logging header to file when persistent.debug_log is disabled.
  • Fixed a crash when talking with Admiral Sploosh.
  • Fixed being locked inside the gym after yoga.
  • Fixed Odette disappearing during the evening.
  • Fixed an FSM action that wouldn't trigger on Diane's FSM.
  • Fixed hospital lobby background name.
  • Fixed soft lock in Erik's house during the karaoke tryouts if you go in the mornings/afternoons.
  • Fixed soft lock in school when progressing Roxxy and Bissette at the same time.
  • Fixed the Orcette package monopolising the mailbox when loading a save made after its delivery.
  • Fixed the bank statement randomly showing up in the week with no interest, now Monday's like clockwork.
  • Fixed Erik's mailbox occasionally displaying as having mail when that wasn't the case.
  • Moved the "clean auditorium" quest for dewitt from eve's button to the park douches button.
  • Fixed the game being playable without extraction on MacOS.
  • Fixed more Diane wardrobe malfunctions.
New content:
- Eve, Grace and Odette are now pursuable characters
- Eve, Grace and Odette pregnancies, and H-Scenes
- Ground up rework of the bank ATM:
- You can now deposit/withdraw any amount of money from the bank.
- You are no longer limited to $25, 000 in your savings account
- You will still unlock the tuition achievement once $25, 000 is in your bank account, even through interest
- The ATM will tell you how much interest you will make for this week.
- You can either use the number row, the keypad or the virtual keypad to enter the amount of money.
- You can now access Debbie's bank account, to help her repay her debt
- Has no effect right now but will be used during the 0.20 update.
- Debbie's debt starts at $30, 000 and will progressively gets worse every week.
- The ATM will tell you how much money debbie owes, and how much money will be taken the following week.
- Future difficulty settings will impact how realistic the loan interests are.
- New character : Tuuku, who will hang out at the Tattoo Parlor
- New tattoo parlor locations : Apartment, Bedroom, Bathroom, Roof, Fire Escape, Garage, and Alley.
- New School location : School Frontyard
- New Mall location : Mall Parking Lot
- New Police station location : Police Station Front
- New Hospital location : Hospital Forecourt
- Added DatingSystem feature (mock-up)
- in an effort to foreshadow future save incompatibilities, the dating system (v1) has been implemented.
- each machine has a set of likes/dislikes defined in data/dating.json
- likes/dislikes include activities, gifts and so on, and range from a -5 to a +5 value.
- That value is added to that machine's "dating points", whenever the associated action is performed
- each machine has a set of thresholds to unlock available actions with them, after a certain amount of dating points have been acquired.
- The more an action is performed, the less points will be rewarded for that action. The rate follows an exponential decay with a time constant tau equal to 3.
- Added a new UI message feature
- This shows animated messages on the UI screen
- Animated messages may be when you spend/gain money or when you gain stats.
- Animation is just a move up and fade away animation.
- Showing a message is as simple as showing the screen 'ui_message' with the following arguments:
- position : the absolute position of the message on screen
- displayable : a displayable to show as the message. Every renpy displayable is supported as well as CDDs
- fadeout_tick : the current tick for the the animation (defaults to 0.0, and is used to refresh the screen every anim_tick_rate)
- anim_tick_rate : a float in seconds representing the tickrate for the animation (controlling the speed of the animation). Defaults to 0.1.
- timeout : the total time it takes in seconds to play out the animation. Defaults to 3.0.
- To access a proper ui_message screen, you need to use the classmethod 'Game.get_available_ui_message_screen()' which will return an appropriate screen name for you to use.
- Up to 10 UI messages may be shown at once, after that, the earliest UI message screen displayed is used (and its animation ends abruptly)
- MC may now meander around Summerville in the dead of night enjoying the quiet and seldom seen backdrops to various locations.
- Be warned: Beside a few quest events, not much happens at night, but now players can visit the art.

- {i}Rework of the codebase:{/i}
- Major reworks have been issued in order to achieve save compatibility.
- FSMs are now instantiated at init time.
- FSM action changes :
- Changed some "exec" actions to be evaluated at runtime rather than passing the callable straight through
- Changed location unlocks from an "exec" action to the new "unlocklocation" action, in order to prevent machines from not
resetting when reloading different saves
- FSM Actions have been reworked to clean up the code. The actions are now individual functions stored in a dictionnary local to "process_actions(...)"
- FSM data is now stored in an FSMData object that will not change version to version. That object is created when you start a new game.
- The only state saved is the chain of triggers the machines went through. This offers several benefits :
- States can change names or delay and it won't break save compatibility
- If a state is added in the middle of a machine and your save is past that point, you will be restored to that change, and can then resume as normal.
- Variables and location schedules can be changed dynamically, given that the actions are processed on load
- Location data has been moved away from the Player class and into its own object.
- Missing triggers is handled by the new loading system. If a trigger is missing, it will skip it and resume loading as usual.
- The loading process is now timed, and printed out to the console.
- The Player and Game classes have had some changes made to them in order to preserve save compatibility in case they undergo some changes in the future.
- Getting an attribute from those classes will yield the attribute if it exists, but if it doesn't,
it will yield the attribute as it is defined in __init__. If it is still not there, it will yield None.
- The same changes have been made to the FSMData and LocationData classes (new savegame objects)
- Improved location locks handling.
- Calls to the lock_check label will be done automatically. If the location doesn't have a label for lock checks, then no checks will be performed.
- The calls to that lock_check label will be done through the MoveTo screen action. Any other action won't perform those checks automatically.
- This is done to streamline lock checks, whether it's in the home, or any other location that may benefit from railroading the player temporarily.
- Improved logging of errors for the game
- Errors and debug messages will be dumped to a file named "summertime-saga.log" in the game's directory (where the log.txt file is)
- When reporting a bug, this log file is now required.
- Due to being unable to disable prints going into the log.txt file, some data may be duplicated between the two files.
- Exceptions, and other critical errors will be printed to that log file with the ERROR level
- Critical systems, which will not cause a total game break will be reported with the WARNING level
- Debug messages will be reported with the DEBUG level
- Info messages will be reported with the INFO level.
- Modders may access the logger object in order to log some messages
- Please use logger.debug, logger.warning, logger.error and as appropriate, and pass in the mod argument
to separate mod messages from the actual game messges.
- Improved save sharing. The game will reset the return stack to the current location's label.
- That info is logged in summertime-saga.log
- Reworked SoundManager class to be used later on in replacement of out of date "playSound" and "playMusic" functions.
- Rework of the mail system in game. Mail can now be forced to a specific mail item (i.e. the orcette).
- All mailboxes have the same item list available, but all of them are in a "locked state", meaning the RNG can't select those items
- Mail unlocking refers to allow the randomizer to select specific mail items.
- Some tests have been implemented to catch future easy to spot errors on lints.
- Updated some screens to take advantage of newer Ren'Py syntax features.
- Improved readability of hints on the cellphone.
- Improved diverse background uses throughout the codebase.
- Backgrounds are now defined using the image function from RenPy.
- Blurred backgrounds are generated at init time, which should cut down on art work as well as game size in the future.
- Backgrounds now follow a strict naming convention : {i}location_(location.formatted_name)(period)(tod)(attr){/i}.
- location.formatted_name : formatted_name for the location, a no-whitespace lowercased string.
- period : game period, like _halloween or _christmas
- tod : time of day, one of either '_day', '_evening' or '_night'
- attr : an attribute, one of '', '_blur', or '_closeup'
- the background_names dictionnary holds all of the defined backgrounds for each location.
- Overhaul of notification, buying and warning popups.
- Now using screens and consistent styling.
- Removed need for dedicated art for each popup -- reuses existing item art.
- Improved ease of use in both dialogue and screens.
- Painstakingly replaced all existing popups through the game.
- Added a bunch of previously missing popups (mostly item acquistion).
- Improved inventory screen to use fewer images and improve description display.
- Simplified save game version compatibility checking.
- Old-style renpy themed styles have been namespaced away from the core game.
- This provides a more neutral starting point when designing new screens.
- Has benefitted the computer and popup rewrites directly.
- FSMs have a new attribute 'can_talk' which defines if a particular character can be talked to or not
- Works in a similar way to the location system, but simplified to a 2x4 matrix instead of 7x4
- One 4-list for weekdays, one for weekends
- Each list is comprised of 4 booleans, determining if the player can talk to the character for each time of day.
- New FSM actions :
- unlocklocation : unlocks a specific location
- forcemail : forces a mail item for a specific character
- setcantalk : sets the can_talk flags as described above
- cleanlocation : an action which resets the force_loc, force_locations, and location_conditions lists for an FSM
- Rebuild TV to take better advantage of modern RenPy features.
- Added visual channel numbers.
- Allow input fields to be tabbed between, deactivated and to submit on return.

- {i}Modding support:{/i}
- Added mod hook to global_lock_check label, adding the possibility of designing your own lock checks on any location in the game.
- Added feature to the ModManager to bee able to get the "Mod" object associated with a specific modname.
- Mod developers may use this to check if a conflicting mod is installed
- raises a ModLoaderError if no mod with the specified mod name can be found
- Mod object provide an API to interact with the data of that mod's manifest.
- Added feature to the ModManager to implement your own FSM actions

- {i}In-game Computers rewrite:{/i}
- Complete rewrite of in-game PCs, both Jenny and MCs.
- Techical reexport of all assets including minor modifications for depth.
- Asset composition is now done in engine for a better experience.
- All text is now in engine to facilitate future translation efforts.
- The sticky note may now be clicked in lieu of typing MCs password.
- App windows may now be respositioned. This will be remembered.
- Multiple windows may be opened at the same time and focus shifted between them.
- The incepted Summertime SAGA is now animated and interactive ...
- ... and the error screen now takes the inception to new heights!
- The correct physical background is now shown when using remote access.
- A disconnect button is used in place of the shutdown button when remoting.
- An auto-typing animation is used to transition into PCs once the password is known.
- Email navigation has been tweaked to have a working inbox button.
- Even more lewd puns and references!
- Restored clue about Pink TV channel when reading the email for the first time.

- {i}Erik content moved to FSMs and touched up:{/i}
- Move Erik, Kevin, Mrs Johnson and June away from the old events system.
- Make Roz' two minor quests more flexible in how and when they trigger.
- Added many more bridging dialogues to Erik's story to aid progression and
make it feel a bit more natural.
- Added short circuits for when required items have already been acquired.
- Added small nods to other paths that have already been played. Micoe <3
- Reduced conflicts and non-sequitor location based dialogues.
- Most significant is that the Orcette must be handed over at his home.
- Removed ability to immediate re-enter Erik's room after handing over the Orcette.
- Combined dialogues to smooth the progression (i.e. poker quest).
- Added an easter egg.
- Added Erik, Mrs Johnson, Roz and June to the cellphone's hints app.
- Move Erik's House and the Hospital to the newer nav systems.
- Resolved some of the weird behaviour present in the sleep cycle.
- Chopped out loads of unnecessary transitions.
- Nuked the out of date Event and Event_Queue systems, since they are no longer being used.

- {i}Layered Image rework:{/i}
- Eve
- Continued the MC layeredimage
- Grace
- Odette
- Ross
- Bridget
- Roxxy
- Missy
- Becca
- Harold
- Yumi
- Thanks to a new feature of RenPy 7.3, layeredimages can now be tied in 'say' statements. This
Encourages further reworks to simplify the posing of characters, as well as the syntax.

- {i}Pregnancies:{/i}
- Eve, Odette and Grace pregnancies.
- Each character can now have distinct chances to get pregnant. Not all birth control is 100% effective. Except Cumdoom
- Pregnancy chances :
- Odette : 50%
- Eve : 10%
- Grace : 5%
- Jenny : 20%
- Diane : 30%
- All pregnancy chances are doubled when the player is using Pregnax.

- {i}Bug fixes:{/i}
- Fixed conflict between Roxxy and Mia's storylines regarding the police station. Mia's machine won't force earl to be MIA anymore, allowing you to complete Roxxy's story, and then mia's.
- Corrected sizing of non-ascii characters in credits.
- PC login is now once again required on first access.
- Fixed an exception happening when diane is put in the kitchen when the livingroom is in use for another home character (Debbie movie nights or Jenny porn watching).
- Fixed conflicting routees between Roxxy and Mia's storylines with earl being MIA.
- Fixed Priya's hint app unlock.
- Fixed computer lab button when both Erik and June are present.
- Restored Game Over achievement.
- Fixed layering edge case in seasucc scene.
- Improved clarity around contraceptive items and their usage.
- Fixed item description text wrapping in the inventory.
- Fixed assorted posing issues when meeting and interacting with Pussywillow.
- Fixed lack of acknowledgement when trying to clean Diane's garden with wrong spray.
- Fixed lack of dissolves when speaking to Ivy about Diane's package.
- Fixed a bug where sometimes the money sound wouldn't play.
- Fixed time-reversion in Debbie's story on movie nights.
- Fixed helen going MIA during the "servant fun" quest, in the evenings.
- Fixed a chance of Jenny being in the shower when Deb sends you to invite her to breakfast.
- Fixed an issue with locks and repeating dialogues during the covert glue mission.
- Added missing items to Diane's route; milk deliveries and water glass.
- Fixed just_wokeup dialogue being called after all of the regular bedroom dialogues, causing some flow issues.
- Addressed issue with some characters being in several places at once.
- Fixed standard wake up triggering after a story event wake up had already occured.
- Fixed some wake up dialogues repeating when re-entering the bedroom.
- Fixed a bug where Debbie's laundry note could show up early causing part of her route to be skipped.
- Fixed flow for the cheerleader deal in Bissette's story, MC now automatically pays jenny if he has the money.
- Fixed Jenny's pregnancy being less important than other quests progress (namely debbie outings and mobster coming at the house)
- Fixed Judith glasses quest not triggering the proper dialogue if the player already has the school master key.
- Fixed a typo in the hint for the last quest for Jenny.
- Fixed unexpected dialogue when exiting the house after having entered through the UI bed icon.
- Fixed home entrance to kitchen doorway art so it's dark outside at night.
- Fixed the TV channel shown playing the night you catch someone having fun with themselves.
- Fixed the height of the dining room table which was getting wobbly in its old age.
- Fixed game timer not ticking when talking to mr. Bubbles for Jenny's stalker quest.
- Fixed Roxxy dialogue option appearing before cletus reveal.
- Adjusted button placement for Tony&Maria in the pizza shop.
- Fixed Harold being at Raven Hill at night.
- Renamed android package to "com.kompasproductions.summertimesaga"

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