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Sarada Training: The Last War [v1.9] Kamos

I create a new game and if you think it is only joke or something - try and play. It is a full game with I must say solid gameplay and 14 different endings depend on how you play and what choice you made in the end of the game....

I made a whole game in new engine so it look ..... different....

Developer/Publisher: Kamos
Censorship: No
OS: Windows, Android, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Genre: Parody

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Saradatraining-Thelastwar.exe” to start playing.

- You can find a new "harem" village in this update where you can interact with all kunoichi that is already in the game...

- Also Hanabi Hyuga is a new character in this update so if you are a fan of her there is some fresh scenes just for you...

- If you read my last post, it was a really hard step to make this update, mainly because the new village need a new perspective to show how can harem village work without drastically changing the story that is already in the game... Testing this "new" options in the game take too much time but I believe everything works on 100% now... But if you find anything that is not working just write it here please...

- I heavily repaired cheat menu that was already in the game and add a new cheat menu on the new village to make the game progress much easier... And how it works? If you want to complete character mission just use cheat menu in the one of two main village if you want to add it in the harem village use cheat menu in harem village... if you want to cancel that decision use cheat menu in the one of two main village...

This update opens many possibilities for the next update - mainly ending should be edited right now, but I am not sure what way will be the best for this game to make it still funny / ecchi and playable....

I will count the patrons votes from the past pool soon to decide what project / update will gain some love in the next month, so please if you forget to pick your favorite this is the right time to do it...

Thanks for support...
Download Links:
Download for Windows:
MEGA Uploadhaven

Download for Android:
MEGA Uploadhaven

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