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Private Community [v0.1.4B] Boomatica

Your Distant Uncle dies and leaves you his unfinished resort.
The resort is quite different from others around…
Your uncle wanted to build a resort for people to actually move to and live out their lives.
So It’s now up to you to finish your uncles legacy by upgrading the resort, increasing it’s reputation leading to more and more residents wanting to live there.

In doing so you’ll increase your daily income which can be put back into the resort or you can use the money for your own perverted desires.
By making sure each resident is happy you’ll be able to learn more about them and their backstory.
You’ll be able to talk to them, give them gifts and invite them to different activities.
In doing so their affection towards you will grow and you’ll be able to slowly bring them out of their comfort zone leading to some very erotic events.​

Developer/Publisher: Boomatica
Censorship: None
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genres: 3DCG, Corruption, Dating Simulator

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Bug Fixes :
- Belle's Diary Pages + Cams displaying an error.
- Belle's "idle image" added to game UI.
- Nav Buttons covering bedroom portraits, removed buttons.
- No need to peep on M 2x to show level up portraits.
- Belle's affection now starts at 0 for a new game.
- Belle's affection is set to 0 after date event.
- Belle's Text Messages now yield 2+ points the first time seen.

Main Menu :
- Credits bar updated (Jay Rabalais) added
- Emily's Image lowered 1 layer (Image Bug Fix)
Locations :
- Players Bedroom
-- Images updated ready for 0.1.5 content.
-- (Belle) (Level 1-2) (Button) added for future content.
Interactive Objects :
- Players Bedroom
-- Cheat Plant Moved to other side of room.
-- Door added
Room Navigation :
- Side bar has been removed (Due to annoyance)
- Room buttons have now been added to the bottom left.
- Reception (5 Room Buttons) added
- Pool (2 Room Buttons) added
- M&S Home (5 Room Buttons) added
Room Character Icons :
- Character Icons have now been added over the Room Buttons.

Map Character Icons :
- Belle's icon location updated to reflect level 1 events.
- Maid's icon location removed from the afternoon.
Diary Pages :
- Belle's Diary (Page 1) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 2) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 3) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 4) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 5) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 6) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 7) added "Unlocked at start of game"
- Belle's Diary (Page 8) added "Unlocked at start of game"
Text Messages :
- Belle's (Morning) (Level 1) SMS -added
- Belle's (Afternoon) (Level 1) SMS -added
- Belle's (Evening) (Level 1) SMS -added
- Belle's (Night) (Level 1) SMS -added
Photogram :
- Belle's (Level 1) Photogram images -updated
Spy Cams :
- Belle's bedroom (Level 1) -updated -"Once date event is finished"
Main Events :
- Belle's (Date Event) -added
Morning Time Events :
- Belle : In town "No content"
Afternoon Time Events :
- Changing Room
-- (Belle) (Fixing Sink) Button -added
--- Dialog Tree -added
---- Questions [Work] [Family] [Date] [School]
---- Compliments [Outfit] [Smile] [Work Ethic]
Evening Time Events :
- Pool
-- (Belle) (Swimming) Button -added
--- Dialog Tree -added
---- Questions : [Pool] [Friends] [Past] [Hobbies]
---- Compliments : [Swimsuit] [Eyes] [Being Single]
----- Activity : [Joining her for a swim]
------ Activity : (Changing Room) [Peep] [Leave]
Night Time Events :
- Belle's Bedroom
-- (Belle) (Getting Ready For Bed)
--- Choices : [Knock] [Leave]
---- Answers : [Music] [Stroll] [Need Anything]


Download Links:
Download for Windows:
Letsupload Anonfile

Download for Android:
Uploadhaven Anonfile

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