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Goblin Lord! [v0.4.2 Hot Fix] KainHauld

Set in an world of magic and chivalry, it's a story about you (a goblin) taken from your nest and being used in an experiment by the humans. As fate would have it, you escape. Goblins being spiteful in nature, you plan out your revenge in those who took part in your torture. Using your newfound abilities to rise in power to become a Goblin Lord!
(or if you're just into girls getting gobble'd, then that's just fine too!)​

Developer: KainHauld
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Fantasy

-Fixed a bug where the player will wake up in the dungeon quarters after sleeping in the Ruined Keep.
-Fixed a bug where players can immediately enter Despot before completing the intro to the love seal.
-"Pass the time" option in the Ruined Keep is now only made available AFTER meeting Elena in the Holy Palace for the first time.
-Fixed a bug where players can perform the love seal ceremony at Ryuna's sex scene in the dungeon even without buying the Love seal tome first
-Fixed missing nametags on certain dialogues

It is recommended to start a new game for players starting fresh on the 0.4.1 version as some of the fixes may not carry over to saved games and can mess up future story-related events.​

Download Links:
Download for Windows:
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Download for Android:

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