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Descent [v1.0] Ryder77

In "Descent", you take on the role of Christine Porter, a recent law school graduate starting an internship at a big city law firm. Your goal in the game, is to do well in the internship and to be kept on as an associate at the law firm. Not surprisingly, there will be a number of obstacles in Christine's path, which she must overcome in order to reach that goal. On various occasions, Christine may be forced, or may choose, to compromise her ideals in order to get ahead. It's up to you.​

Developer: Ryder77
OS: Windows, Android
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Female Protagonist, Corruption, Female Domination, Groping

1. Extract and run.

- Mr. King will now only make a job off if Christine does not otherwise have a position
- Minor grammar and typo corrections, nothing that should break a save.

- Chapter eight and epilogue are added
- Minor dialogue changes, nothing that should break a save
- FYI, chapter eight has some music, so should be played with the sound on


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