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Gates Motel [v0.2a] P_S_Y_C_H_O

You play as an 18 y.o. guy. You were adopted by the Gates family 9 years ago. You start the game in a car, driving somewhere far away to start a new life and career. There are four more people going with you: Mrs. Gates and her three children. This part is only an introduction but you will have some quality time with them.

Developer: P_S_Y_C_H_O
Censored: No
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Futa/Transsexual (Avoidable), Voyeur, Urination, Groping, Female domination, Masturbation, Incest

1. Extract and run.

Savage – mean/gentle choice added. Some people didn’t like to be mean to her.
Some text corrections.
Proofreader edited.
Some text added here and there.
Compressed images – less size


Download Links:
Download for Windows:
MEGA Zippyshare

Download for Android:
MEGA v0.2

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